TGI’s Quality Policy ensures that we:

  • Operates our business in a manner consistent with our values
  • Satisfy our customers by providing high-quality and cost-effective products and services conforming to clearly established requirements
  • Create and maintain suitable and safe working environment and employment conditions
  • Establish trust and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Provide long-term and sustainable value to our stakeholders

TGI is continually committed to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System
  • Comply with the relevant regulations and requirements

TGI’s policy is achieved by:

  • Establishing measurable objectives for achieving satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties
  • Communicating the quality policy and objectives to all employees and contractors
  • Implementing a Quality Management System conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001 throughout the company
  • Providing adequate resources to meet the company’s quality objectives
  • Continually improving the company’s Quality Management System

This Policy will be reviewed annually and updated accordingly to ensure that the Quality Objectives meet the needs of our stakeholders.


TGI’s policy ensures that:

  • Information and information systems are protected against unauthorized access
  • Information is not disclosed to unauthorized persons through deliberate or accidental means
  • Information is available to authorized users when and where needed
  • Integrity of information and information systems is protected
  • Regulatory, legislative, and contractual obligations will be met
  • All information security breaches are reported and investigated
  • Security controls are reviewed regularly, and improvements are planned, and implemented
  • Managers are directly responsible for implementing the ISMS Policy within their units, and for adherence by their staff
  • Policies, procedures, and guidelines will be reviewed annually


The Organization is committed to promoting a culture of safety, health, and environmental sustainability. We value the wellbeing of our Workers and the state of our environment. In addition, our various stakeholders – the government, our clients, vendors, and our community – are increasingly requiring a higher degree of compliance on ESH. We intend to accomplish this by:

  • Creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and environmentally compliant workplace for our Workers and partners.
  • Defining ESH objectives through identifying significant hazards and effects to the environment resulting from our operations, performing risk and opportunity assessment, and determining ESH legal and other requirements.
  • Creating ESH programs and ensuring compliance to ESH objectives by empowering Workers, business partners and visitors to proactively engage in promoting safe work and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Continuously reviewing and improving our ESH performance through programs such as but not limited to responsible consumption and reuse of resources, effective elimination/mitigation of health and safety hazards, reduction of risks, and better control of activities that affect the environment.

This policy shall be reviewed annually and updated if required to ensure that the ESH objectives meet the needs of interested parties.

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